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5CM Uploader

An app for uploading screenshots
to the hosting with three clicks. Saves time
when you need to share an image.

Download for Windows
5CM Uploader 1.7.0

There are 2660263 images already uploaded.

With the hotkey or by a click

Make screenshots by pressing Ctrl + PrtScr or by clicking on the tray icon, mark the area and post it to the server — with just few clicks.

Three sizes of the image

For each uploaded picture two resized copies will be created automatically: 640 and 225 pixels in width.

Direct links

We are not going to use tricks to hide direct links to the images. If you need a direct link, it is yours.

Built-in editor

Comment your image with figures, arrows, lines or text — built-in editor allows you to add them on the fly.

This is forever

You will never have to worry about your images being removed for inactivity. Images that do not violate our terms of service will be kept forever.

Uploads history

You will always be able to find an image you uploaded previously and get the link to it.

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